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    Series of W24S Profile Hydralic Bending Machine

    Section bender is specially used in the volume curved angle steel, channel steel,I-steel,flat steel,side steel,round steel and so on,each kind of profiled bar highly effective processing equipment,and may one time winding circle,corrective round working produce,widely used in the petroleum,chemical industry water and electricity, shipbuilding and machine manufacture and so on.

    Two lower rollers of the machine are primarily transmission roller,also the three work rollers primarily are transmission roller,two side rollers revolve the fixed center of rotation to make them vibratory movement, two sides are equipped with hold the roller equipment,it is advantageous in guaranteeing the asymmetrical section molding volume system quality of winding, the structure of the machine is advanced, work reliably,small volume,complete function. It’s the present equipment in domestic and abroad. The machine may be equipment in domestic and abroad. The machine may be equipped with advanced general or the special purpose molds and easy operation,high efficiency,warmly welcome by the customer.