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    The sprint domestic machine tool to the high-end market in China
      issuing data:2016-6-18     Views:1331
    In 2014, the state will continue to steady growth, structural adjustment, in this environment, the industry must adjust industrial structure, existing in the existing power is based on the results of high-end in the end, on the one hand, need to face foreign product and joint venture product extrusion domestic mid-range market competition pressure, on the other hand, step up research and development, in the high-end market, get rid of the serious situation of disciplined by others.
    In research and development, existing in the country based on special support to implement the strategy of innovation and development, with the enterprise as the theme, innovation as the driving force, given the big machine belongs to the investment industry, slow response, with only their own efforts to achieve long-term development, need more companies involved in technology research and development, at the same time introducing scientific research colleges and universities to participate in, a public-private partnership (PPP) to promote research and development; National level needs to increase investment in basic research and research and development personnel training.
    2014 in 2013, on the basis of steady development, the production is expected to a slight increase in import demand is still very big, but demand prefer to high-end products, at the same time, in the end product after the implementation of the local market service abroad will also increase.
    As national defence, aviation, high-speed rail, automobile and mould and other important equipment manufacturing industry demand growth, have also made rapid development in our country, the technology in high speed, points out, the respect such as motors, multi-axis made significant progress and a series of breakthroughs. But in terms of accuracy, reliability, and also has the very big disparity in the abroad.
    The levels of machine tools, the varieties and production capacity, directly reflects a country's industrial comprehensive strength, and the birth of our country than the United States, Germany lagging somewhat, nearly half the world development experience, China lags behind Germany, us, Japan and other countries, domestic basically is given priority to with low budget and mid-range affordable, market share of 70% ~ 80%, the numerical control system (90% of affordable, senior type) by the foreign occupation.
    Before products, mid-range products enterprises in our country have a certain strength, but the premium is still short, premium is the aerospace, automotive, Marine and power generation equipment manufacture in the field of the four essential, is essential to the industry upgrading, although countries implement the "high-grade and basic manufacturing equipment" science and technology major projects, and plans to 2020, the high-grade and basic manufacturing equipment required for the four major areas 80% based on domestic, but it is only the second machine large efficient economic CNC automatic stamping production line for a successful project implements the commercialized, key parts and high-grade CNC system still need to continue to work hard.