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    Metal machining industry in the long-term development of the CNC cutting machine
      issuing data:2016-6-18     Views:1439
    Environmental protection is a hot topic of today's society, people more and more attention to environmental protection, CNC cutting machine industry, of course, is also the responsibility; In the metal machining industry are summed up their own environmental protection small methods, such as:
    1, reduce the amount of chemicals.
    2, the use of smaller filtration system.
    3, the application of minimal quantities of lubricant.
    From reducing the amount of chemicals, can make whole production costs rise, but also shorten the service life of the cutter, from the long-term development to reduce the amount of chemicals may cause more problems, such as frequent cleaning system brought about by the high cost of chemicals and waste liquid treatment.
    Use smaller filtering system, will be caused by a lack of the ability to filter and have no contact with the air full of leading to excessive use of metalworking fluids, processing performance will become worse, it may actually increase the corresponding some tooling cost.
    Minimal quantities of lubricant, secretly cut the contact point on rapid spray a small amount of coolant in cutting, no cooling fluid circulation use, this seems to be a good way of environmental protection, but this method can not solve the problem of all applications, in various application areas, in addition to the dust, rust and complete cooling is not easy to achieve.
    That natural active in the field of work to do to comply with environmental protection, and to optimize your production process at the same time, it seems is not a simple question. In actual application of the above three methods cannot achieve good environmental effect:
    1, you can, and chemicals supplier negotiation, the amount of chemicals required to further optimize your production.
    2, can also according to the specific metal processing technology, according to the recommended level to manage a stable system, so as to achieve a better cost benefit.
    3, can also according to the trend of production considering the best liquid level and flow to manage your system. Last may, according to your process to consider using minimal quantities of lubricant, so as to achieve the best processing.