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    Machine tool industry in 2011 is expected to still can be increased by 10%
      issuing data:2016-6-18     Views:1379
    "In 2010 China's machine tool industry growth is still can amount to 10%, and machine tool industry still is transformation and upgrading the key to the next round of competition in the market." This is 

    China's machine tool industry association, deputy director liang kung to forecast the development of the industry this year.
    "We have the basis of the past several years, also has the strong ability to adapt the market, this year will not too bad, subjective and objective environment are guaranteed, after a year of efforts, will 

    make the machine tool industry to realize the sustaining improvement, may also will remain around 10% growth; and, of course, the premise is must continue on industrial structure, product structure adjustment 

    under the big strength." Liang kung confidence in industry prospects for 2010.
    He said, the central economic work conference held in early December 2009, will continue to maintain the continuity and stability of the macro policy, comprehensively promotes the economic development of 

    endogenous power, economic stimulus package of measures will not diminish. At the same time, the countries of the equipment manufacturing industry in recent years, especially for the importance of numerical 

    control machine tool industry and give the preferential policy is very encouraging. And national key projects continue to conduct and propulsion, such as high-speed rail, new energy, such as national defense 

    facilities in the field of construction, will bring new market to machine tool industry. These will no doubt is important for China machine tool industry in 2010.
    But liang kung also pointed out that there are still many disadvantages in 2010.
    International environment is difficult to quickly improve, even may need two or three years time, can we truly achieve the full recovery of the international market will be a long process, so the export-

    oriented manufacturing enterprises demand for machine tools is still not have obvious growth.
    Outshine others at the same time, because the Chinese market, each big multinational companies all make the Chinese market in 2010, the first objective of the future will be more competitive, and the market 

    demand will not have the too big change, industry should keep to continue fighting for market share growth must be with these multinational enterprises.
    But there are also many other adverse factors, such as low carbon economy will bring some constraints, to the machine tool industry especially machine tool will affect the perfection of demand.
    "2010" twelfth five-year "period, China's machine tool industry to implement to enlarge, fight for the initiative of the post-crisis era, there are a lot of work to do. Have to work harder around the 

    bottleneck link affecting the development of industry, market-oriented, increase strength improve the ability of independent innovation, actively adjust the industrial structure and product structure, also is 

    what we call 'a mention LiangDiao'." Referred to the independent innovation, liang kung finally emphatically pointed out that from the aspects of information analysis, the current domestic machine tool market 

    situation has appeared the dip picks up, for the future market, although there are many uncertain factors, but more and more enterprises are confidence in machine tool market in 2010.
    According to statistics, in 2009 the market drastically shrinking demand for ordinary, low-grade nc machine tools, large heavy and high-grade CNC machine stable demand. And imports of machine tool structure 

    has been to the high-end and large change, can be seen from the unit price of 2009 imported machine tools this trend. From January to September 2009, the import machine unit price is us $89000 on average, than 

    the same period last year increased by 11%. This presumably, machine tool products in our country and turning to the high-end products to the international level.
    Liang kung thought, therefore, to speed up the transformation and upgrading has become enterprises to tackle the financial crisis, the important measures to promote the competitiveness of the enterprises, 

    companies to adopt what kind of strategy to the enterprise survival and development is very important. So the competition in the market after the crisis will be the enterprise soft power competition, complete 

    recovery may need a relatively long time, during this period, enterprises should continue to strengthen product innovation, pays special attention to the transformation and upgrading of products, and for the 

    upcoming satisty the need of the new development opportunity.